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Umbilo Skills Centre was founded by W P Glendon in 2001 with an aim to offer quality all-round education  and training to deserving candidates from varied backgrounds. Umbilo Skills Centre  criteria for considering an applicant for admission: the applicantīs track record, and the evaluated ability and desire of the applicant to learn and grow. Umbilo Skills Centre does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, physical disability or religion etc.
On the other hand, Umbilo Skills Centre offers a wide variety of training facilities to promote all-round intellectual and physical growth among its students. With comprehensive training facilities and training eqiupment, Umbilo Skills Centre is poised to become one of the premier centers of quality education in Durban and KZN.
Umbilo Skills Centre offers courses in a wide range of areas in the Engineering field. Staffed with highly-qualified and experienced full-time trainers.
Institute of Higher
Education enables and encourages active interaction between students and their teachers from across departments.
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Umbilo Skills Centre was established in 2001 by W P Glendon, an Electrical Technician with a vision of providing integrated education and training to students from across the country. With the help of a few like-minded people, Mr. Glendon setup Umbilo Skills Centre, which gradually grew to become the center of learning it is today.
Initially, Umbilo Skills Centre offered courses only inelectrical. With continued interest among students and academic faculty, however, Umbilo Skills Centre grew to offer more and more areas of study.
Umbilo Skills Centre is today counted among some of the best-known centers of Skills Training  and is geared to cover more and more areas of study with every passing year.

Consistent with our founder, W P Glendon vision, Umbilo Skills Centre is dedicated to bring a wide variety of fields of education  and training together under one roof, enabling the interchange and exchange of fresh and innovative ideas possible within an academic setup. According to Mr Glendon such an exchange could help set up the framework for genuinely interdisciplinary study and research, an innovative and open approach, leading to newer ways and methodologies of looking at and dealing with issues. We at Umbilo Skills Centre are convinced of the aptness of this vision, and is consistently on the lookout for more and better ways of integrating faculties, ideas, and capabilities. This is also one of the core secrets of our rapid rise to eminence in academic and industrial circles.

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